In 2019, I spent 6 months at OBJ.Studio (the design department of Ambion). Ambion being a worldwide player in the event technology field, the main goal of the studio was to help them showcase the possibilities of the outstanding technologies they were able to provide.


My role within the studio was to work on concepts for installations and interactive experiences (sketches, moodboards and first visualizations). Within the team I was also partly in charge of the artistic direction and had to take care of content production and documentation (animations, video editing, photography...).



In May 2019, during a corporate workshop, the team built a 4x2m monolith made of Bematrix and Ledskin. We used Notch (with the help of Duncan McDade) to make it interactive: people wearing the Blacktrax sensor (real-time tracking technology) were able to interact with the content on the screen.


The team also experimented few lights settings, using the same Blacktrax technology.


Photos Credits

Marcus Zumbansen, Edouard Duvernay


Video Credits

DOP: Éric Ferranti / Editing: E.Duvernay / Sound: "Meditation Atmosphere (Thin Air)" by Matt Gerry & "Microstructure" by Fuse Factory.


In April 2019, the studio was asked to create few installations for a corporate party. Ledskin screens and Bematrix structures were spread around this old industrial site located in downtown Berlin (Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz).


My role here was focused on content production (screens animations) and the documentation of the event. Another part of the team worked on a light installation made of led sticks, revealing a hidden space made of a bar and a dancefloor for the second part of the evening.


In July 2019, OBJ.Studio teamed up with Selam X for the "Mask Off" installation. It was part of the 2019 Berlin Fashiontech. The device was showcasing facefilters from 22 artists questioning beauty standards and digital embodiment.


The piece, emphasizing the metallic structure and the rough cables, was thought as a materialization of the digital a.k.a. virtual world, showing its physical impact. It was built with Bematrix and Ledskin modules (Ambion especially wanted to showcase the curved screens). I worked on the global concept of the structure and then played a lot with the filters during the event, while taking care of some of the documentation (video editing and photography).


All facefilters artists:


Mate Steinforth,

Assaf Reeb,

Johanna Jaskowska,


Marc Wakefield,

Jade Roche,


Aaron Jablonski,

Moritz Tonsch,

Claudia Rafael,

Paul Paul,

Esmay Wagemans,

Kuno Hayato,


Noland Chaliha,


Marta Twarowska,

Anika Perkins,


Don Elektro,


Sophie Mars.

Video Credits DOP: Björn Baasner & Max Zaika / Editing: E.Duvernay / Music: Modern Trips

Selam X's outstanding "Beauty_Gan" project was playing in the same room. On the picture above it's reflecting in the plexiglas of the "Mask Off" installation. You can discover it here: www.instagram.com/beauty__gan/

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